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The project of mountain-skiing stadium "Azau" in Elbrus region, KBR, Russia

Completed in 2009


Link to Scetch stage of project

Project Description

Prielbrusie is the tourist name of a Big Caucasus part. The chain of the most beautiful tops of the Main & Lateral ridge turned Prielbrusie into the area for the mass tourism, mountaineering, mountain skiing. There is the highest peak of the Big Caucasus here, its pearl, Elbrus mountain, 5642 m. above sea level. The Glade Azau is situated just at the foot of majestic Elbrus.

The purpose of the submitted project is the town-planning substantiation of the necessity of the Glade Azau arrangement through designing research, allowing to construct the mountain-skiing stadium, to be the finishing point of the mountain-skiing run, promoting to hold various sports competitions between the mountain-skiers on a high professional level.

The main area for skiing is the Elbrus slopes.

The mountain-skiing stadium itself represents the complex of the constructions, consisting of a specially equipped site of the mountain-skiing run, a finishing point with a counter-bias, the Complex roof with the many-level parking places, located on the semi underground floors under the area of the stadium, while along their perimeter, the premises for mass-cultural (concert hall), sports (pool, gyms), casual & administrative purposes, as well as the public catering places (restaurant, cafe, bars), shopping centers, renting & work-shops & other public services.

The two-level parking for the buses is supposed to be located at the entrance to the territory of the Complex. The semicircular configuration of the Stadium is finished with the four-storied Hotel for the sportsmen. The Complex includes also the cable-way stations.
In the spring-and-summer period, the special covering for the roller-skating is available.

Both terraces & roofs are used as a helicopter platform & skating rink, and also as a mini-market for sale of the woolen hand-made products.

The top sector of the Stadium is intended for construction of the spectator tribunes for 2000 seats.

The lintel above the tribunes is designed so that there is an opportunity of solar batteries installation on it. 

For the Complex glazing the modern effective systems of the Firm "SCHUCO", with the triplex, energy-saving glass is applied.

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