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The international business centre with a hotel "InterContinental" in Yerevan, Armenia

Competitive project.
Completed in 2010

The architecturally town-planning concept of the competitive project.

The town-planning decision.

Urban analysis of the location area of the complex in the urban fabric of Yerevan convinces the authors in a dominant position under review in an urban area of the city. The area can be seen both from the lower parts of the city, and with the upper amphitheater encircling them around the perimeter, and the proposed architectural composition of the complex will be, from all points of the city, the dominant architectural and urban design. Based on the geometry of the street network projected high-rise complex in scope and dynamic expression of the silhouette, will be the final focus thoroughfares of the city, focused on him. The authors proposed the idea of consciously deploy the entire high-rise hotel building block in the south-western horizon, rumba, where the panorama of the city center can be seen visually ends with the south of the biblical Mount Ararat, including undeveloped steep slopes overlooking the platform area is very valuable in understanding the organic sculptural silhouette created by the architectural object derived from natural natural context, thus, as if drawing into its structure the urban environment. The dominant axial direction of the complex, which is accentuated by the vertical size hotels, is the Terjan street.

The territory of the complex includes, besides the actual architectural level, the main entrance to open car parks, the main square with a fountain, a sports area with tennis court, landscaped square with flower gardens, flower beds and alleys.

The transport scheme of a complex.

The basic entrance on territory is carried out from the top roundabout highway on a transport ring. From that entry load and multi-level basement parking in the slope of the terraces on the north-western part of the territory. Check-out parking spaces proposed to be carried on the minus fourth level terraces with Congress on an existing secondary road along the southern slope area, VIP-hotel along, and connecting to the road, rising to bypass highway to the north. Departure from the territory and with an open parking lot of the main building through the main entrance to the bypass line. For door transport to the main entrance to the hotel's public areas and maintenance of the complex, as well as for the passage of emergency vehicles and fire mechanisms designed through an annular passage between the hotel building and the building of the pool, with the departure of the square.

Architectural decisions.

The basis of the conceptual idea of constructing an architectural object on a small plateau areas with steep terrain, based on the principle tactful, soft and harmonious growing into it in the natural folds and contours, emphasizes the natural confluence of natural and man-made artificial entity to be shaped at a powerful plastic dominates the hotel. In the compositional structure of the complex harmonically use natural slopes and terraces, forming a picturesque plateau, and unsuitable for traditional construction methods. This planning method has allowed to achieve the effect of wholeness, completeness and sufficiency of complex multi-functional complex. The complex consists of the following functional groups of buildings and units:

А - 28 - storey terraced, semi-circular in plan, hotel «InterContinental»;

Б - The VIP-hotel with terraces-apartments;

В - Congress hall and covered swimming pool;

Г - Business centre with an exhibition motor show «Mercedes-Benz»;

Д - The layered block of showrooms, dancing halls, conference halls, sports halls;

Да – Semiunderground parking with workshops;

Е - Waterpark with open swimming pool;

Ж - Covered transition over roads with lifts and the moving sidewalks, connecting a city square with a complex on a plateau;

И – Thematic illuminated fountain.

These blocks are functionally linked in a single multisyllable education and, nevertheless, have sufficient autonomy to use a separate mode. The architecture of the individual blocks revealed its own characteristics, but in general there is found by the authors, a single stylistic motif, combining them in a harmonious architectural work.

28-storey hotel "InterContinental"

Composition, types, purpose and size of hotel rooms, including apartments are generally consistent with the requirements prescribed in the job design. The development of all types of rooms at this stage of design is not shown, is given only in principle layout diagram of some typical samples of rooms that can ensure their viability and the problem can be solved in the future. The total area of residence is 25 000 m2. The hotel is located, from the fifth floor apartment that is above the "Green public floor", which divides the lower floors of the public from the upper floors. The two upper floors was designed restaurant with a panoramic observation platform, on which is mounted construction of a helipad. Flowing down floor finish, spacious terraces mechanical bar-buffets and lounges. Above the "green floor" is a technical floor. Green floor designed to accommodate green space in the form of exotic trees and shrubs by paths and lanes for the promenade and relaxation, decorative fountains and rack bars with soft drinks.

The first and second floors above ground are intended mainly for organizing the reception and accommodation of visitors, their leisure and cultural services, fitness center and beauty salon, as well as facilities for meetings and dating. The underground floor is provided for the location of the objects of consumer services living, spa with gym and jacuzzi, engineering services and systems. In the third above-ground floor offices are located firms and companies.

The VIP-hotel with terraces-apartments.

The project offered some multi-room apartments in a two-tier design with self-contained serviced apartments placed in the top of the slope of the southern exposure terraced grounds, with the possibility of the device in deep terraces for each room, chamber pools. Communications unit of the hotel with other enforcement agencies carried out through an underground minus the first floor of the complex. Along the perimeter of these terraces are installed solar panels (suntrap), covered with colored fluorescent dyes and nanoparticles of metal, allowing use of solar radiation to heat water.

Congress hall and covered swimming pool.

For large public events of international level will be constructed independently located Congress Hall, with a parade square. At a horseshoe inside the hotel yard is available indoor pool hopping bathroom size 25h16 m and children's splash pool with a block of residential buildings on two floors and technical facilities for water in the basement. Entrance to the pool hall is designed just as the hotel, and with the complex, through the entrance lobby of Congress Hall.

Business centre with an exhibition motor show «Mercedes-Benz».

As part of the business center was designed three-tiered exhibition showroom for demonstration of new automobile production of the company of Mercedes-Benz, with accompanying groups Premises maintenance and parking. Home is adjacent to the two-tier commercial center with shops, showrooms, service centers and offices.

The layered block of showrooms, dancing halls, conference halls, sports halls.

In Terras slope descending from the upper platform to the lower elevations the foot of the slope on the northwestern side of the plot, designed an entire block of public buildings with access to bypass the terrace and the gallery equipped with a system of pedestrian ramps, escalators and moving sidewalks to allow unimpeded access to sites located at all tiers, visitors, including inactive groups of people. There are various exhibition halls, dance halls and saloons, a group of three conference rooms equipped with automatic interpretation, as well as several sports and exercise rooms with saunas and relaxation rooms.

Semiunderground parking with workshops.

Along the northern slope of the plot provides entrances to the basement parking bay to be placed partly on the western slope to the minus fourth level, which is designed to leave the street. In an entry team in the parking lot, together with the car dealership are car repair service.

Waterpark with open swimming pool.

Authors of the project consider expedient to place the open swimming pool equipped with system of hills and toboggans on the edge of top terrace on a southern slope of a site so that from pool the magnificent kind on a mountain ridge with mountain Ararat opened. The aquapark settles down near to covered pool and in summertime, by means of transformed stained-glass windows, as though unites in uniform with entertaining water complex.

Covered transition over roads with lifts and the moving sidewalks, connecting a city square with a complex on a plateau.

The ensemble is proposed to include a business center, as an integral element, a system of pedestrian crossings across the city line from the bottom of the ring area with a monument to the upper terrace of the complex to facilitate easy and seamless connection, hotel guests to the city, as well as organic architecture linking all the constituent elements of the complex. This communication unit is equipped with vertical input elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks and staircases.

Thematic illuminated fountain.

On a main square before a complex projected beautiful, unusual and dynamic colored music fountain executed with use of firm label "Mercedes-Benz".


Technical and economic indicators:

Group accommodation - 25 000 m2;

Facilities for visitors - 4 100 m2;

Administration - 700 m2;

Facilities Maintenance - 1 700 m2;

Rest (pool, fitness, SPA, dance room) - 4 600 m2;

Business centre - 8 000 m2.


TOTAL AREA - 44 100 m2.

TOTAL VOLUME - 172 000 m3.

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