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Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Nalchik, Russia

Competitive project. Second prize.
Completed in 2003

The building of the temple is conceived as a unity of function, design and composition, and responds constructively to the principle of canonical cross-domed architecture. The dome of this temple being built in the middle of the building on the drum, overlooking the whole building.
As the main theme of the temple dome, it is solved so as to create the effect of a miracle. The real strength of pillars and arches hidden from the eye of the beholder, polukupola and sails above are up, as though driven by only one rhythmic impulse and the dome seems to hover in the air.

Expressive architecture here becomes something ethereal, creating something that seems improbable. Understand what and how strengthened and connected in such a building seems inaccessible and impossible. In this architecture, theme subject to physical laws of nature, knows man and poeticized his creative imagination, is replaced by notions of a more complex order. 
The authors try to create such a work, an artistic image of which is to his idea of the forces that exceed the natural laws of nature and understanding person. 

Clearly, this architecture is not matched by man, and the problem is not in the size of buildings, but that in this temple created a fictional world in which the person ceases to be a measure of all things. It looks like "the great rank and file creation, a product of a certain force, which is equal to dispose of all that exists in the universe. With the idea of this force and measured against an artistic image of the temple. It is open before the eyes of people all the wealth and variety of its forms, sensual splendor of colors and materials over variable spatial rhythms. But the real connection between them remain hidden. It is assumed that the whole art world strengthens a fully legitimate, elusive in its infinity and inaccessible knowledge. In these areas are not put to penetrate the mind, and ascend through faith, by admiration for a miracle.

 Architecture of the temple creates the impression of harmony unstable, dynamic world of objects and combines it elevated, the absolute idea. This harmony is conceivable, as expressed in artistic form the cross-domed church, does not coincide with the actual harmonic balance with the forces of gravity arches and pillars, through which the existing building, for the real design of the building disguised as a time to create an image of fairy harmony.

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