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Smertyuk Pavel Bogdanovich

Deputy General Director of the Workshop

Main Architect of Workshop

Member of the Union of Architects of Russian Federation.

The best young architect in NCFD - decision of the 1st Festival of Architecture of the North Caucasus in 2011

Winner of the "Best Entrepreneur of Nalchik in 2011"

Architect participates in the international festival "Zodchestvo - 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007."

The exhibition "Architecture of the Kabardino-Balkaria" at the international festival "Zodchestvo-2005", to which he was Paul, was awarded the Diploma of the Union of Architects of Russia and the Prix Public recognition of the Russian Public Foundation, winner of the international festival "Zodchestvo-2008" - a bronze certificate.

Diploma of the international festival "Zodchestvo 2004".

Laureate - the bronze diploma in the nomination "The best young architect" of the international festival "Zodchestvo 2007".

Member of the Russian Pavilion «Workshop - Russia» at the IX Architecture Biennial in Venice, Italy, 2004

Participant X and XII World Architecture Triennale "Interarch 2003" and "Interarch 2009" in Sofia, Bulgaria, a member of the Russian Pavilion «Workshop-Russia» on the IX Architecture Biennale in Venice, Italy, 2004.

The winner of the "Best Young Architect" contests forum of architects of the South of Russia "Arhitavr-2003", "Arhitavr-2004" in Rostov-on-Don and "Arhitavr-2005" in Elista. Prize-winner of the nomination contests Southern Architectural Society "Southern Capital" 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 years.

Architect Smertyuk Paul, presenting the project to the III International Biennial of Young Architects LEONARDO - 2009 in Minsk, was awarded diplomas - Special Award LEONARDO.

Laureate (2nd place, the winner is not determined) of National competition "Entry sign in Khanty-Mansiysk".

Laureate (3rd place) International competition "Aerostatic architecture Olympics-2014", Sochi.

Participant in the International competition «Think outside the parking box», NISSAN, (work was included in the short list).

Participant of the industrial design competition "Building a strong fleet of the country".

Laureate of the open contests "Days of Architecture - 2015", "Days of Architecture - 2017", "Days of Architecture - 2019".

He graduated from the Rostov State Academy of Architecture and Art in 2002 and in the same year at the International Festival "Zodchestvo-2002" in the nomination "Review of students' work" received a charter member.

Since 2002 year P. Smertyuk operates in the "Personal creative architectural workshop of B. Smertyuk" Ltd. During this time them own and in collaboration with the head of the studio made a lot of interesting and diverse projects of residential and public buildings, shops, offices, pedestrian bridges, ropeways, and other objects.

Smertyuk Paul is an active member of a huge number of architectural competitions, parades, festivals and forums, became the winner, including: 1st place for the design of complex bus "Scat" in Essentuki, 1st place for design of the monument for citizens of Nalchik - victims of the accident at Chernobyl, 1st place for the multifunctional 35-storey residential complex in the city of Saratov, 1st place for the multifunctional complex with a water park in Essentuki, 1st place for the reconstruction project trehzalnogo theater into a shopping and entertainment complex in Mineral'nye Vody, 2nd place for the project in the name of the Temple of Saint Mary Magdalene in Nalchik, etc.

Winner of the Russian competition "Architecture of Sports", held by the German company "Schueco", for "Ropeway Azau-Krugozor on the mountain Elbrus." Stations of the 1st stage Ropeway Azau-Krugozor recognized best construction south of Russia 2007.

Winner of interregional competition "Architecture and Glass".

The "Multi AZAU ski resort" in the Elbrus - Winner in the category "Best architectural works 2009" of Southern Russia.

Of work performed should be noted Project Orthodox church in Nalchik (2nd place in the open competition), Project of the bus station "Scat" in Essentuki (winner of the open competition of the South of Russia, the Russian UA diploma at the International festival "Architecture-2004") The reconstruction project of an unfinished building cinemas in trade and commercial center in the city of Mineral'nye Vody (winner of the open tender Kavminvodskoy organization UA RF), Sports Complex "Nart" with stands for 1,500 seats in the city of Nalchik, Multifunction 35-storey residential complex in Saratov.

From april' 11, 2012 Smertyuk P. are member of the Rostov Regional Public Organization on Collective Management of Copyright "uthors Union "BONA FIDES", works of architecture created by him, have been registered and entered in the "Register of single authors and copyright holders of works of literature, science and art".